I woke up like this.
- im super busy for the next few weeks but after thanksgiving my schedule during the week frees up!! I work every day till 4:30 still though but I'll come up for dinner or something?!! let me know if that works/when works best for you!! miss you!!

Awwwh, look at you being employed again! That’s fine! We can figure something out after Thanksgiving (I don’t even know when that is, I had to look it up. I always forget that we celebrate that. It’s been like 20 years. Why can’t I get that into my head?). But yeah, that works for me! We’ll figure something out around that time. I just miss you, as well as your life choices.

Come back to me. ):

I’m usually not a big fan of autumn/fall, but this year, I’m trying to find the beauty in it. So I sat with a candle lit in my room, with red velvet tea (yes, they do make that) and just put together music that made me think of this season, and put my mind at ease. This was the result. Music motivates and heals, and it’s always there when you need something to turn to. It offers tranquility. It offers relief, like running a burn under cold water. Definitely going on a walk tomorrow before work and just listening to this as I do.

01. crazy in love - sofia karlberg // 02. golden- lady antebellum (ft. stevie nicks) // 03. from all sides - lights // 04. amnesia - 5 seconds of summer // 05. iris - sam kelly // 06. you and me - you+me // 07. waiting game - banks // 08. little do you know - alex & sierra // 09. fight (acoustic) - lee dewyze // 10. fireproof - onedirection // 11. autumn leaves - ed sheeran // 12. xo - john mayer // 13. nirvana - sam smith // 14. don’t let me go - harry styles // 15. five hundred miles - justin timberlake & carey mulligan // 16. shelter - the xx // 17. time - billy porter // 18. ain’t no sunshine - coeur de pirate // 19. story of my life - lisse // 20. no one is alone - glee cast.

On The Run Tour: Paris — Day 1